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AppleMango Co., Ltd.

To provide smart, innovative, and clean-energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.
AppleMango Co., Ltd., SMART & eco-friendly energy company that grows with customers.
Company was establishment in 2019, it has continued to develop and has established itself in the eco-friendly energy market.
AppleMango is developing various energy-related products such as eco-friendly EVSE(Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) development, smart grid infrastructure, and charging metering systems for EVSE based on various patents and technologies secured through continuous research and development related to eco-friendly energy.
We strengthen our business competitiveness in the energy market through reinforcement of capabilities and expansion of high value-added products. preemptive R&D with know-how accumulated over the years, abundant experience and excellent technology.
Based on “innovative technology” and “creative ideas”, we strive to be a trusted company by providing differentiated products and services focusing on smart and eco-friendly energy.
Apple Mango Co., Ltd., a company that prioritizes customer trust and growth of companies and employees
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업태 및 제품구분
업태 승용차
관련차종 서스펜션 및 브레이크 부품
제품구분 제조
  • 설립년도

  • 종업원수

  • R&D 직원수

  • 전년도 매출액(원)

    ₩ 1,000,000,000
  • 전년도 수출액(US$)

    US$ 0
  • 특허 및 인증서

    ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • 해외지점

    해외 생산공장 :
    해외 사무소 :
  • 주요고객비중 국내 ( 100% )

    Korean EVSE manufacture
  • 주요고객비중 해외 ( % )


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