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KCLP Co.,Ltd.

Our Company specializeds in manufacturing automotive electrionics and accessories. Currently, it is registered as the primary supplier of Ssangyong Motor and supplies wireless chargers for vehicles through OEMs. Recently, Hyundai Motor Company in the Philippines and Australia has completed the actual vehicle verification by developing the world´s first dual-wireless charger that can charge two mobile phones ant the same thime and driving during the day. We are always focusing on automotive products to satisfy consumer needs and developing products that can be distributed not only in major automakers but also in aftermarket.
업태 및 제품구분
업태 및 제품구분
업태 승용차(OEM(공급단계: 예 Tier-1, Tier-2))
관련차종 완성차
제품구분 제조
  • 설립년도

  • 종업원수

  • R&D 직원수

  • 전년도 매출액(원)

    ₩ 1,300,000,000
  • 전년도 수출액(US$)

    US$ 800,000,000
  • 특허 및 인증서

    ISO 9001 CE, QI
  • 해외지점

    해외 생산공장 : -
    해외 사무소 : -
  • 주요고객비중 국내 ( 70% )

    Hyundai Motors, ASELL, OE WOKS
  • 주요고객비중 해외 ( 30% )

    Automotors, VAN HUY

Dual wireless charger

It is a wireless charger that is applied to Hyundai Motor´s Grand Starex vehicles and can charge two mobile phones at the same time. Embedded in the console area in the center of the second row seats and equipped with an on/off switch to prevent reduction of electromagnetic waves and overheating.

DRL(Daytime Running Light)

Existing Daytime Running Light is only fitted to passenger cars not only in Korea but also abroad, and is not attached to passenger vehicles. The KCLP´s Daytime Running Light was developed exclusively for Hyundai Motor Company´s Grand Starex and is the first to be developed for passenger vehicles.